Falguni Shane Peacock

The future of Bollywood fashion designed by Falguni Shane Peacock in association with IBM Watson on Cloud.

Indian designer duo Falguni & Shane Peacock worked with IBM Cognitive Fashion team to inspire the design of their brand’s new collection, which is based on the history of Bollywood fashion. They analyzed 600,000 images spanning London, Paris, Milan, and New York fashion weeks for insights into high-end couture and coupled it with 8,000 Bollywood images from social-media sites and images from Bollywood posters from the past four decades. This data combined with an analysis of 100,000 print swatches allowed an IBM Research asset to computer generate entirely unique prints and patterns


  • Transformed traditional design process from months of manual research into mere seconds of data analysis
  • Created three unique dresses based solely on Watson’s insights
  • Falguni and Shane shared, Watson's capability let us visually travel back and forth in time and space in mere seconds.

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