Fashion Institute of Technology, NY

AI empowers designers In IBM, Tommy Hilfiger and FIT collaboration

Over the course of 10 weeks, students at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City explored IBM’s Cognitive Fashion tools and developed innovative new designs and marketing strategies for Tommy Hilfiger; a major partner to the project who contributed approximately 15,000 catalog images from the past three years. IBM Researchers initially used Tommy Hilfiger product image data to generate a report on popular and trending color palettes. The report helped spark the students creative process but they leveraged IBM’s Cognitive Fashion tools to visually explore styles and trending silhouettes, and even use a tool which generated novel prints from scratch.

“The machine-learning analysis gave us insights about the Tommy Hilfiger ‘DNA’ that we couldn’t begin to consume or understand with the human mind.” - Michael Ferraro, executive director of the FIT/Infor Design and Tech Lab.

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